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Posted 24 August 2014, 6:18 pm ADT
Silk Scarf Dying in Cartwright (larger version)
What a great day to dye silk scarves out doors. Saturday, August 23, Cartwright, Labrador. Temperature in front of the Gallery was over 30 C. Linda Holwell Tibbo was visiting on her way to Nain and took oodles of pictures of Pauline and me as we prepared and dyed the silk scarves. We had input from the audience and the colours were amazing as people took turns brushing on the dye. Tony I love the one you labeled Fall on the Humber.
Posted 14 August 2014, 7:43 am ADT
George and I were excited to see Jean Claude Roy when he came to town on Tuesday. We have not seen him since he painted Conche and Croque a few years ago. He is the artist that painted the pictures in the book we gave George for his birthday.

He is here to paint Cartwright and other towns of Labrador for his next book. On Tuesday he painted an old house in Paradise River and Yesterday he was sketching and painting Cartwright. Last evening he was on tour with Experience Labrador where he visited Packs Harbour, Pigeon Cove and Dumplin. I hope one or 2 will be included. You may find his paintings at
Posted 11 August 2014, 4:00 pm ADT
Recycled Glass Jewellery (larger version)
When a stained glass Labrador Map sun catcher broke when it came in contact with the floor of my gallery I decided to cut it up and make pendants, rings and ear rings. Yes, it was hot in the studio but I had fun
Posted 05 August 2014, 8:28 am ADT
After months of work, the Mealy Mountain Gallery is pleased to launch its new website and online store. We hope you enjoy our new site and our diverse range of unique craft products!
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