Online Store

Welcome to the online Mealy Mountain Gallery.  We are really excited about making it easier for you to buy our unique products. Our shop is located in one of the most pristine and beautiful locations (Cartwright, Labrador) of the world.  Labrador is often touted as the "last frontier" and although we love to have you visit us in Cartwright, it is our hope that our online shop will make it easier for you to shop for Labrador crafts and to revisted us whenever you wish.

We welcome our friends and our new customers to our new online store.  Our collections offer a full range of beautiful pieces to complement you and/or your home.  We carry:

  • Jewelry
  • Traditional Crafts
  • Unique Labrador Art

Take a look through the site and find something you like.  If you have any special order requests, please email us at


Mealy Mountain Gallery